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  • November 19, 2020


 Paul Alexander Low is a name familiar to many regular readers of The Static Dive. He first appeared on these pages in August upon the release of his debut single “Feel Your Heart Come Alive.” The song was a semi-autobiographical and motivational tale, inspired by Low’s own musical journey. After 25 years burning time in the corporate machine, Paul broke free and turned his sideline songwriting gig into a full time passion. Another single followed in September.  

Paul Alexander Low’s New Wedding Song For Everyone – Hell Yeah

 by BOB SMITH/ October 2020


We first heard from Paul Alexander Low in August of this year, upon the release of his debut single “Feel Your Heart Come Alive.” Although he only recently began releasing his own original music, this new phase of Low’s career is a continuation of a lifelong devotion to music. 

Paul Alexander Low – Hell Yeah (2020)

Paul Alexander Low – Hell Yeah (2020)

The Other Side Reviews by CLAUDIA

Proposing to someone can be a daunting experience as you never really know what the answer is going to be. Paul Alexander Low is using his own experience of this as the basis for his latest single ‘Hell Yeah’. Using his thoughts about what his fiancée’s reaction would be, he has created an upbeat and lively folk song for you to enjoy.



Talk About the Popmusic BY CHRISTOPHER SMITH

If you’ve never heard of Paul Alexander Low, then that’s because you’re not looking in the right places! Paul is from Hampshire in the UK and is a singer-songwriter behind many vibrant, beautiful folk-pop blues inspired songs powered by a talent for writing music that combines a story of both the joys and heartaches of life.


Paul Alexander Low Feels His Music Come Alive

The Static Dive by BOB SMITH

By his own admission, UK singer/songwriter Paul Alexander Low is not your typical Pop star. However, in 2020 there is really no such thing. The music industry is a different animal than it was just a few years. In the era of digital distribution, playlists and blogs, it has shifted from a label-centric to an artist-centric business. In our modern media era, musicians like Paul can be any kind of artist they want to be.


Paul Alexander Low | Hell Yeah

Indie Roundup by Darryl Sterdan 

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “My second single Hell Yeah from the forthcoming EP of the same name is a proposal song. I was inspired to write it by my own efforts at proposing to my fiancée and how I imagined her reaction. 



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