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About Paul 

"Paul Alexander Low is a deeply talented musician and songwriter. His recent decision to shift focus to his music career is good news for us all. "   StaticDive by Bob Smith 

Paul Alexander Low

"Low’s vocals are smooth and have this light vibe to them. They drape over the moving melody like a soft cloth. He draws you into the story of the lyrics and the emotions of the tale. "                       Theothersidereviews by Claudia

Paul Alexander Low

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for visiting my music page. I began playing the guitar at the age of 16, but I have always had a grounded mindset thanks to my Dad's constant support and encouragement. He always emphasized the importance of getting an education before pursuing my musical passion. So, I agreed with his plan and ventured into a corporate career right after university. However, throughout the past 25 years, I have also devoted my time to practicing martial arts and even won two national championships along the way. Despite my other commitments, my love for music never waned. I have had the privilege of writing songs with renowned songwriters such as Mike Garvin, Chris Neil, and Martin Sutton. I have also had the opportunity to perform alongside successful artists like Charlie Dore and The Korgis. Now, I believe it is my time to put myself out there and pursue my musical aspirations with full determination.

 Music is something I engage in because I have a deep love for it. I express myself through writing in an open and sincere manner, as it serves as my main mode of communication. It allows me to unleash and reveal my innermost thoughts and emotions. Others have pointed out that my style of Pop folk is distinct and one-of-a-kind, and that my songs showcase a notably sensitive artist, with melodies and lyrics that deeply resonate. I have received compliments comparing my vocals to those of esteemed musicians such as Don Henley, Richard Marx, and Bryan Adams. This is indeed a humbling experience.

My influences are diverse, ranging from Rock Bands such as Led Zeppelin, ACDC, and Queen, to American Pop Rock bands like Train and Vertical Horizon. I am also influenced by Singer Songwriters like Shawn Mullins and Joni Mitchell, as well as Folk Singers like Cara Dillon. Additionally, I appreciate classical music. The variety in my taste comes from playing different instruments, such as the guitar and piano, as well as my desire to understand and perform great songs. I also write in various styles, including pop, folk, blues, rock, country, Americana, and sometimes a combination of these genres. Ideally, I do not like to be confined to a particular genre and prefer to explore different styles. However, if you were to categorize my music, I would say it fits into the Folk Pop genre. I hope you enjoy listening to my music.


For information on my upcoming performances, please refer to the GIGS section.

-Thanks, Paul -


Paul Alexander Low 

 who has previously received support from radio stations such as BBC Solent, BBC Radio Tees, and Amazing Radio, as well as press outlets like Vents, Lifoti, Billboard, and Americana UK Magazines, has launched his first album. Titled "Sunshine After The Rain," the album was released on July 30, 2021. It is now available for purchase and download on most music platforms. A physical CD can also be bought from the Shop section or through the GSMC Website. 

Album Sunshine After The Rain
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